Verification of Conformity (IRAN)

Iran Certification

VOC (Verification of Conformity) is a conformity compulsory certification system of the specific country of import and is very relevant since it is required by Iran’s compulsory import law inspection.
When exporting products to Iran, the following two or three types of certificates are required to demonstrate the conformity of regulated safety standards together with pre-shipment inspection performed by inspection bodies accredited by the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI).

  COI (Certificate of Inspection): A certificate certifying the compliance with the safety standards listed in L/C (Letter of Credit) or ISIRI mandatory list. The physical inspection and the examination for the conformity of standards concerned are carried out.

  Inspection Certificate (IC): If the transaction is not L/C basis and/or mandatory ISIRI standards are not available, after reviewing the relevant safety standards authorized by a certain country or international standards, Inspection Certificate together with physical inspection is issued.

  Commercial Inspection Certificate: A third-party pre-shipment inspection agreed upon between the exporter and the importer if the transaction is not done through the bank or is not subject to ISIRI mandatory certification scheme.

To obtain certification for exports to Iran, it is necessary to obtain certification through an authorized third party.


Application Procedure

The exporter shall fill in the Request for Inspection (RFI) with the date and time of the Inspection and apply to TCIS. Exporter shall provide documents and information related to the goods.

     Copies of L/C and/or Proforma Invoice (or Sales Contract); scope of inspection as agreed by the seller and the buyer at the
           initial stage, as well as preliminary inspection location, packing/loading location, etc.

     Manufacturer’s declaration or Seller’s declaration (self-declaration that inspection product is manufactured according to
           the safety standards listed in L/C, etc.) – It may be submitted in inspection site.

     Confirmation and payment of inspection quotation

     Appointment for Inspection

     Preparation of Inspection Documents

     Issuance of necessary documents as ticket of your products to enter Iran

Field Inspection

Checking the conformity with standards listed on L/C
Test report of Manufacturer (including standards used, test results, signature of test manager, test date, etc.)
Declaration of Certificate (DOC) of manufacturer (or exporter)
Supervising process and taking samples by TCIS inspectors
Container loading supervision by the request of exporter or importer

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