About us
TCIS Inspection Thailand Co. Ltd is a multinational independent inspection company,  trusted worldwide by major corporations, governments and financial institutions.

We are a team of experts; highly qualified and experienced in the TIC industry, ready to provide full Testing, Inspection and Certification Services globally.  TCIS  Inspection offices are located in many regions such as ASIA, Europe and Latin America.

Our MISION is to provide the market with expert, independent assessments, focusing on every detail of customer requirement to provide a customer-oriented solution; our ultimate aim is to add value to support our customer’s product or service offerings.

The TCIS work methodology follows international guidelines with exceptional levels of quality and integrity.

We want to use our years of multinational and multi-industry experience to our customer’s advantage.

TCIS Principal Services

  Verification: The Verification of Conformity service involves checking  conformity of goods according to national standards or an international equivalent. TCIS work with exporters to help demonstrate compliance and issue a Certificate of Conformity which gives access to the various international market.

   Inspection: Our approach to testing, Inspection and certification is not traditional. We listen to our customer's needs, understand their concerns and provide solutions to match. We focus on risk management methodologies and take preventative measures to be assured of the best possible outcomes. TCIS uses its vast knowledge, expertise and diverse networks to ensure that our customers reduce risks, ensure quality and improve productivity. Our main focus is on the following sectors.

  Testing: Product testing is a means to verify that goods comply with applicable standards or contractual obligations prior to shipment. The result of laboratory testing depends how effectively the commodity or the product has been sampled ,the test methods applied, the credibility of the laboratory in which the tests have been performed and the interpretation of the test results.

  Fumigation: deliver effective fumigation services, to prevent the spread of pests and minimize the risk of damage to your goods. Has been accredited and recognized by Australian Government, (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources).

TCIS Group Services

                            Commodities Inspection Agricultural & Metals And Minerals
                                           Loading and discharge supervision operations                                                                              
                                           Vessel hatch/hold and tank Cleanliness inspection                                                                              
                                           Water tightness of hold/ hatch                                                                              
                                           Draft survey and tank gauging for weight                                                                              
                                           Supervision of weighing / tally control                                                                              
                                           Visual control and report on condition                                                                                                                                    
                                           Condition reporting of steel products as per American Rust Standards                                                                              
                                           Contractual sampling of AGRI products as per GAFTA / FOSFA / IFA /SAL ..etc Guidelines                                         
                                           Sample preparation of Minerals as per ASTM/ISO ..etc guidelines                                                                                       
                                           Laboratory testing and analyses                                                                                                                                                 
                            Trade Finance Services
                                                             CMA  Collateral Management Agreements
                                                             SMA  Monitoring Agreements           
                                          Marine Surveys
                                           Break bulk loading / Unloading
                                           Heavy-Lift & Project Cargo Surveys
                                           Draft Surveys
                                           Damage / Claims Survey
                                           On/Off Hire Condition Survey
                                           Bunker Survey
                                           Consumer Goods
                                           Quality Control Inspection
                                           Quality Testing
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