PVOC Program (Pre-Export Verification of Conformity to Standards)

is a conformity assessment program applied to products, used motor vehicle, mobile equipment and used spare parts at the respective exporting countries, to ensure their compliance with the applicable Technical Regulation and mandatory standards or approved specifications?

Objective of the Program:

 To ensure the quality of products, health, safety and environmental protection for the consumers
 To facilitate trade by ensuring that complaint goods are given expedited clearance at the port of entry
 To safeguard the country from unfair trade practices and dumping substandard goods by ensuring that the imported products comply with the same requirements to which locally goods are subjected
 To safeguard the countries security
 To prevent deceptive trade practices
 To prevent substandard, odometer tampered, modified and accident vehicles being exported to the country.

This procedure ensures that inspection and verification of used vehicles, mobile equipment, used motor vehicle spare parts, and other off-road vehicles comply with mandatory standards and approved specifications.

This procedure shall apply to inspection activities to our partner in Thailand TCIS Inspection (Thailand) Co., Ltd. For the inspection of mobile equipment and used spare parts and other off-road vehicles.

                                                                                                            TCIS SERVICES in Vehicle Inspection

  Vibration Testing

Vibration and shock can have profound effects on a vehicle’s long-term performance and reliability. Testing for these conditions requires powerful tools to replicate the cumulative forces experienced over years of driving.

  Climatic Testing

The average vehicle is exposed to a diverse set of environmental conditions over the course of its life. Knowing how a vehicle will react to extreme temperatures, humidity and other conditions is a key design consideration

  Mechanical Testing

TCIS provides mechanical testing for automotive engines and other components. We also perform fluid dynamics analyses, leak detection and more.
Gravelometer Testing
  designed to evaluate the resistance of vehicle surface
       coatings (paint, clear coats, metallic plating, etc.)
       to chipping caused by the impacts of gravel and other
       flying objects in   accordance with SAE and ASTM
   The primary usage of this test is to simulate the effects of
        the impact of gravel or other debris on automotive parts.

  Automotive testing supports materials testing, 
       performancetesting, research and development,
       safety, and certification for both established and
       developmental alternative energy fuels and new
Capability highlights include

   Monitoring and absorbing at speeds up to 15,000 RPM and torque
       over 6,000 ft-lb

   Automated control, monitoring and data acquisition with torque/speed
       profile, back drive and shift capability for transmissions, PTUs, gearboxes,
       axles, driveshafts, along with rotating machinery analysis.

   Simultaneous application of dynamic axial and/or radial loading to rotating
       components on geared hubs, spindles, CV joints.

   Environmental exposure to rotating components including temperature,
       slurry and salt spray on motors, alternators, U-joints and bearings.

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