Saudi Food & Drug Authority

What is SFDA?
The Saudi Food & Drug Authority (SFDA) is the government agency that regulates drugs and medical devices in Saudi Arabia. It is also in charge of biological and chemical substances, as well as electronic products. The agency was established under the Council of Ministers resolution no (1) dated 07/01/1424 H and functions under the Council of Ministers as an independent body that reports to the President of Council of Ministers.

Its General Objectives are:

·       For the safety of food, for the consumption of humans and animals, and its effectiveness.
·       For the safety of pesticides.
·       Establishing a clear food policy and the planning to achieve the objectives of this policy.

The main purpose of the SFDA establishment is to regulate, oversee, and control food, drug, medical devices, as well as to set mandatory standard specifications thereof, whether they are imported or locally manufactured. The control and/or testing activities can be conducted in the SFDA or other agency's laboratories. Moreover, the SFDA is in charge of consumers awareness on all matters related to food, drug and medical devices and all other products and supplies.

SFDA also announced the implementation of the Food Consignment Certificate of Conformity program to assure Saudi consumers of the safety and quality of the imported food products they purchased. It aims full supervision and managed by SFDA, to provide safe products to consumers, as well as a fast and direct releasing of imported goods by customs. Consignments will be verified and certified at the country of origin which are ready to be handled by TCIS and it allows as their ticket clearance.

Food consignments are subject to audit, inspection and testing prior to its shipment. Both importers and exporters will need to secure that regulated food products for Saudi Arabia market are in compliance with Saudi Food law and regulations for quality, safety and suitability and they have obtained the Certificate of conformity prior to shipment. Also, they need to ensure that their suppliers are informed about the quality and safety requirements for Food products and supported by a Food Consignment Certificate of Conformity by TCIS.


As we are very much concerned of severe delays of goods clearance, penalties and or even shipments that are being returned. TCIS will help you obtain necessary certificates to meet the country’s standards and ensure smooth clearance, safety and quality of your products.

To know more about the required documents to comply on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Standards, kindly drop us an email or directly contact us.
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