Sudanese Standards and Metrology Organization (SSMO)

Just like any other countries, Sudan also requires Conformity Certificates of the importing products before entering the country to ensure its quality and safety to their consumers.

This is to verify that the goods are compliant with the relevant SSMO standards or other international standards recognized by the Republic of Sudan.

In accordance to Sudan compliance, TCIS will help you obtain necessary documents that the importer can present to Sudanese authorities.


 1.Consumer and environment protection
 2.Conformity assurance
 3.Faster release of goods at RSS Customs offices at the RSS borders and the entry points

Regulated Products under SSMO:

  Animal feed
  Chemical products
  Construction materials
  Vehicles and vehicles parts
  Electric and electronic products


  Pro-forma invoice / final invoice / packing list / name and contact of the importer and exporter
  Conformity documents or test reports (issued by ISO 17025 accredited laboratory) that comply with the SSNBS/international standards
  Certificates related to the management of quality / safety system
  Information related to the location and provisional date for the goods for the performance of physical inspection of goods before shipment

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